Toronto Beirut

Saturday 22 June 2006, Toronto - Thousands of people demonstrate against the attacks on
civilians by Israeli troops. The peaceful march started in front of the Israeli consulate and stopped in front of the US Consulate.

"My family is still there, they have no food and no water, the temperature is very hot and they are armless. All of us have the international phone cards and we try to call several times a day; sometimes we get the communication: they try to escape from a house to another, the houses have been destroyed and the roads are not safe. They cannot escape and they cannot stay, we all are in the hands of God". This is the leit-motiv when I ask questions to the Lebanese Canadians.

Eyes that try to hide tears, women that express a deaf anger, but most of all Jewish, Muslims, Christians, people from all the religions and Atheists that ask for a ceasefire- "The international community - says a woman with the head covered - could stop the bombing right now, if they want".

In Toronto, the multicultural capital of the world, the demands for peace have a different weight, the voices of the people won't probably be heard but they sound more real here, and at the same time more surrealistic.

Cries of peace from a place that showed that another world is possible and that violence is not the answer.

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